The AmenoBlues Festival, born in 2005, has over the years become a highlight of the cultural season and one of the best-supported festivals in Italy. As a result, many now recognize the small village of Ameno as the birthplace of the event.

Consequently, the Municipality of Ameno has decided to offer Blues Weddings to fans of this music from all over the world. During the summer ceremonies can be held in the magnificent Neo-Gothic Gardens or, year-round, in the Tornielli Museum or the new Council Chamber.

Photo: Il Teso © 

The Municipality, in collaboration with AmenoBlues, offers couples the chance to select their band from those included in the presentation video and to have a musical accompaniment during the ceremony only or (for a different price) also at the reception.


WEDDING IN BLUES AT AMENO – english subtititles from Shantala Frigerio on Vimeo.

A video of the event may also be provided at a discounted rate.

For information and bookings:
Manuela Reggiori
tel: +39 335 5716654
email: blueswedding@amenoturismo.it