Situated in a beautiful house dating from the beginning of the XX century, the hostel “Quadrifoglio di Ameno” has a central location in the historical village of Ameno and overlooks a well-cared park and a beautiful scenery. It owns its name to a project of walkways called “Il Quadrifoglio di Ameno” actualised by the famous excursionist Riccardo Canovalini. The hostel is a mainstay of the walkways.

Completely renovated and modernized, it is a landmark for walkers and tourists who want to approach the beautiful hilly landscape of the Lake Orta responsibly and slowly.

The hostel has fourteen beds: two rooms with four beds and one room with six beds; it has new toilets common to all the rooms but separeted for men and women. The service it offers is one of overnight staying and costs 15 euros but it is possible to buy tickets at a favourable price for a breakfast in the local bars.

Booking and information:
tel.: +39 334 9797579 Italiano – English
e-mail: ostellodelquadrifoglio@gmail.com