Indigo ring – sign-posted 3 o AI

Indigo is a symbol of spirituality and internal awakening. Those who favour indigo tend to rise above and look at situations with a critical and exacting eye.

Percorso-didattico-WWF-Ameno-26-04-2017-1WWF DIDACTIC TRAIL

The Indigo Path is particularly interesting for naturalists thanks to the richness of the flora and fauna in the area. It is about 11 km long and you can easily reach it by car, bike, bus or foot. The didactic part is concentrated in the first kilometers. There are more than 15 billboards explaining the environment and the territory with images focussing on the related topics.

Download the presentation: WWF didactic path

Ameno\ Milanetto\ Tabarino\ Mirabello\ Cassano\ Cappella del Vago\ Cascinone \Alpe Marandino\  Sculera\ Tacchino\ Ameno

11.6 Km\4.30 hours, moderate difficulty
545 m elevation gain \791 m maximum height

Mountain bike accessibility 90%
Horse accessibility 80%

It should be noted that the wooden ladder that leads from the town of Ameno, specifically Via Isonzo, through the woods to the asphalt road to the hamlets beyond Agogna is currently not accessible. It is therefore advisable to take the asphalt road, bypassing the damaged section.

Download the trail map and use it on your smartphone with a GPX app (eg GPX Tracker). You will be able to orient yourself without problems on the route!



This is a demanding trail over on the other side of the Agogna river, passing through the woody mountains of Ameno and its ancient farmsteads. We leave the historic village centre behind us and walk through the outlying municipal villages of Milanetto, Tabarino, Mirabello and Cassano, effectively a balcony overlooking Ameno, Lake Orta and Monte Rosa. A little higher we can take a break at the Wanderer’s chapel (Cappella del Vago). While we continue walking in the dense woods, we arrive at the ruins of the Cascinone Alp, where we can admire the centuries-old beech trees and then continue on through the  Marandino Alp meadow with views over the Mottarone, the Grigne, and the Swiss Alps. We take a break at the little Church of Sant’Eurosia in Sculera and return to Ameno passing through Tacchino and again crossing the Agogna river.


Pictures by Riccardo Carnovalini

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