Ameno is a village of 900 inhabitants, nestling in the hills surrounding Lake Orta. It was originally founded as a holiday residence for wealthy and noble families and consequently boasts a number of villas and historical churches immersed in a green and flourishing landscape entirely untouched by the uncontrolled development of the last few decades. Ameno is a residential village frequented by numerous artists who find here the right atmosphere of contemplation and serenity, in perfect harmony with art and nature.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality and various associations in the area, particularly Asilo Bianco, AmenoBlues and Pro Loco, numerous initiatives have begun with the aim of promoting the village of Ameno from a tourist and cultural perspective through events focusing on music, art, culture, fun and exploration of the treasures of this village.

Artistic assets:
Calderara Foundation
Tornielli Museum
Neo-Gothic Gardens
Mount Mesma
Shrine of the Virgin Mary of La Bocciola

Corto e Fieno

Blues weddings