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Ameno\Molino di Mezzo\Pisogno\Cascine Pezzasco\Ameno

6.2 Km\2 hours, moderate difficulty
154 m elevation gain \538 m maximum height

Mountain bike accessibility 95%
Horse accessibility 95%

Download the trail map and use it on your smartphone with a GPX app (eg GPX Tracker). You will be able to orient yourself without problems on the route!



This is an easy, pleasant walk to the north of Ameno. We cross the Neogothic Park of the Tornielli Palace and descend towards the agricultural plains of the Agogna river, walking through ancient mills and farmsteads, pastures and woods, disturbed only by the sight of the power lines.
Passing through the centre of Pisogno, a village within the neighbouring municipality of Miasino, we turn southwards along the Agogna river.
Back in the municipality of Ameno we see a small Roman bridge and continue through the farmsteads of Pezzasco, finally climbing the old mule path of Santa Caterina towards the centre of Ameno.


Pictures by Riccardo Carnovalini

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