Blue ring – sign-posted 4 o AB

Blue generates a sense of calm and relaxation that gives equilibrium and sensitivity. It produces relaxation, tolerance and takes off the sense of anxiety.


8.5 Km\3 hours, moderate difficulty
245 m elevation gain \541 m maximum height

Mountain bike accessibility 100%
Horse accessibility 100%

Download the trail map and use it on your smartphone with a GPX app (eg GPX Tracker). You will be able to orient yourself without problems on the route!



The descent to Orta passes through Vacciago and, along the scenic Via Prisciola, reaches Legro, a town which features 45 wall paintings dedicated to the films produced on the banks of the lake and in Piedmont. We arrive at the Orta Tourist Office close to the imposing Villa Crespi. From here we can continue our walk along the lakeside. The climb back up to Ameno again passes through Legro but via a different route. We then rise to the interesting centre of Miasino and, taking the road southwards, back to Ameno via the Borzaga crucifix.


Pictures by Riccardo Carnovalini

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