The Tornielli Museum is located inside the eponymous palace, which belonged to the noble and illustrious Novara family of Borgolavezzaro. The family was among the most important of Novara for the role it played throughout history; the magnificent and imposing building, since the Middle Ages, served as a holiday residence where the nobles came to have fun and walk. The palace also housed dances, concerts, and receptions that found their place in a noble environment of the nineteenth century and in elegantly frescoed rooms. Opposite the main façade and beyond the square is the Neo-gothic Park originally belonging to the building itself and reachable by an underground passage that crosses the Marconi Square. Became public in 1920 and recently restored, in the park, there are flower beds, towers, frescoed scenes, and old trees, to which are added; neo-gothic architecture and an old circular ice house of previous origins to the palace. All the elements present give a suggestive atmosphere to the garden.

The Tornielli Museum, located in the wing was once used partly as a warehouse for the storage of hay and forage of horses, and partly to the noble apartments and to the farmer’s residence. Perfectly restored, it now hosts at intervals temporary exhibitions of contemporary art, conferences, conventions, concerts and other cultural events. The museum consists of a large main hall that has kept the ceiling with exposed beams intact and perfectly preserved; moreover, there are other 5 rooms, including two frescoed ones, which reflect the artistic style of the period in which the building was built.

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