The territory of Ameno is the ideal place for relaxing walks and bike rides.

There are the Sentieri del Quadrifoglio, 4 ring paths for a total of 33km, in the middle of unspoiled nature, historic villages and beautiful views. There is Salute in Cammino, a path designed to keep fit. There is Verde Vivente, a wooded path to get to know the fascinating world of plants and learn from them how to take care of our planet. And finally there is the Sentiero Alimurgico, a path to learn to recognise edible wild plants.

The ‘Four-leaf clover’ of Ameno consists of four circular trails covering a total of 33.6 kms with a total elevation gain of 1,215 meters. The lowest alttude is 324 metres and the highest is 791 metres. The average walking time of the 4 trails is 12 hours and 90% can be covered by mountain bike or on horseback.

The paths were designed in collaboration with Riccardo Carnovalini, one of the most famous Italian walkers. He walked and talked about  the territory with photographs and words for over thirty years. He crossed Italy and Europe on foot far and wide. He has published hundreds of reports on his travels and has collaborated with RAI, broadcasting on Radio 1 and intervening as an expert on foot travels. Riccardo Carnovalini was also the creator of the Quadrifoglio di Ameno logo and is an honorary citizen of Ameno.

Pale blue ring
Turqouise ring
Indigo ring
Blue ring

il Quadrifoglio di Ameno