Pale blue ring – sign-posted 1 o AC

Pale blue is the colour of the sky, symbolising transcendence, strength, continuity. It gives a sense of calmness permeated with freedom.

Ameno\Vacciago\Lortallo\Convento del Mesma\Ameno

7.3 Km\2.30 hours, moderate difficulty
271 m elevation gain\573 m maximum height

Mountain bike accessibility 75%
Horse accessibility 85%

Download the trail map and use it on your smartphone with a GPX app (eg GPX Tracker). You will be able to orient yourself without problems on the route!



It is a pleasant trail linking Ameno to its main outlying municipal villages and the Mount Mesma Special Nature Reserve. Walking in the direction of the lake to the village of Vacciago, where we recommend you visit the contemporary art and sculpture collection at the Fondazione Calderara.
Between the sky and the lake, we take a rest on the sacred terrace of the Church of St. Antonio Abate. Further on, past or beyond village of Lortallo, we climb and descend the double Via Crucis with its frescoed chapels, which winds or unfolds through the chestnut trees of Mount Mesma. In the middle, on the Mount, is the Franciscan Monastery and an enchanting view of the lake and Monte Rosa. Along the Agogna river we pass the remains of an ancient forge and a small Roman bridge crosses the Membra stream. We then return to Ameno, first visiting the Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its Roman bell tower.


Pictures by Riccardo Carnovalini

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