Thanks to the Asilo Bianco Cultural Association, the community of Ameno realised that the Church of San Rocco was not merely a ruin on the verge of collapse, but rather a structural asset that should be saved. First with the Integrated Territory Plan funded by the European Union, later with funds granted by the Cariplo Foundation and finally with the seminary in 2013, led by Andrea Bruno, and the related projects and work groups, trying to recover and develop the potential of the church and the grounds around it became a shared objective.

The municipal authorities therefore decided to ask the Provincial Curia of Novara to donate San Rocco and the Church of Cassano. This enabled the authorities to more effectively undertake the task of finding the not inconsiderable resources required to complete the restructuring work being carried out on the churches, both of which have been deconsecrated and can therefore be used for any civil purposes considered compatible with their origin and structure.
The complex procedure of transferal of ownership is currently underway, thanks to the wholehearted backing of the bishop and parish priest.

The municipal authorities have thus assumed responsibility for successfully completing this project. There are two principal reasons for this: firstly, it is consistent with our view that our economic future lies in the promotion of tourism based on culture-nature, of which our historic buildings are the cornerstone; secondly, to show that resources can be found, provided the idea is good, and that we must be active players if we are to guarantee the future of our community.